Robyn and Chris at The Boathouse, Beaufort, NC: NC Wedding Photographer

July 05, 2016  •  1 Comment

One of our favorite weddings this year was Robin and Chris. From the bridal session with Robin out on a local farm to traveling to Beaufort, NC for their beautiful water side wedding at The Boathouse, this was a fun and loving group. There was never any of that rush to and fro, get from one thing to the next when it came to their big day. While they handled a schedule fairly beautifully, small instances (like a long boat ride, a threat of storms, etc) did not ruffle them, and they enjoyed EVERY moment with their close friends and family making EACH and every moment  a memory. 

I (Krista) was the fortunate one to get to go on the boat with Robyn for her grand entrance down the pier. I have to say, that may have been the most pleasurable hour at a wedding...EVER. No offense to other brides who we have had a great time with, but the salt and sea spray in my face, dolphins jumping behind the boat, cruising the coast line with just the bride and her really can't get any better than that! It was such a joy watching her relax and in turn get excited and nervous. A gamut of emotions in that short period of time. 

Thank you Chris and Robyn for allowing us to be a part of your amazing story. We loved every moment with you and hope to continue to watch your story grow! 



1.Vickie Collins(non-registered)
Chris and Robyn,
These photos are so beautiful! So beautiful that they made me feel like I was there! Thank you for sharing your life with family and friends in this manner. I love you both!
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