Koral And Zac: A Knight and his Lady Wedding Story

July 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

“Then a begging brother in a tattered brown robe said a blessing on his sword, and a maid kissed his cheek. 'They are for me,' "Why?" He asked Pate. "What am I to them?" "A knight who remembered his vows," the smith said.” 
― George R.R. Martin


If ever there were a story of a dashing knight and a fair maiden, it would be Zac and Koral. You can not be around these two without feeling their romantic hearts and their deep love for each other mixed in with an overlay of charm and fun, this was definately a fairytale wedding. From the sword play, to the romance novel kisses, love filled the old Castle. Photographing them was a breeze as their body language was automatic and their touch was posed enough. 

We definitely feel this couple will be one for the story books and we are as always honored to have captured a part of their fairytale. Congratulations Zac and Koral and we hope to watch your adventures in life continue!

Caterer and Linens: Castle Catering

Event Coordination: Kandace Whicker

Florist: Bennett's Baskets and Bows plus DIY



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